One of the many reasons why people prefer to own a car or a motorbike is the relative ease that comes in moving around with them. You can decide the level of comfort that you want and you can also personalize your car or motorbike to suit your taste.

However, going through ReviewsBird, you will discover that one area where many people fail is in the area of maintenance. If you want to keep your cars or motorbikes in the best working state at all times, you have to maintain them. Several car parts companies provide for different maintenance routines that help you keep your car or motorbike in check.

Considering the many benefits that come with proper maintenance, we shall be examining some of the basic cars and motorbikes maintenance routines that you should know.

·         Be familiar with the owners’ manual of the car or motorbike

One of the most important things you should know about routine maintenance for your cars and motorbikes is that which is provided in the owner’s manual. While there are some routines across different car and motorbike types, there are others that are peculiar to a particular brand or make like The only way you can know this is by paying attention to the manual that comes with your car or motorbike.

Don’t be quick to assume it is one of those things that you don’t need. In the manual, you are not only going to find maintenance information, but you will also get a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

·         Change the oil and oil filter regularly

The oil and oil filter of your cars and motorbikes are two important components that you must pay attention to when carrying out routine maintenance. These two are important because anything that goes wrong with them can affect the overall working condition of the car or motorbike. It can also cause damage to other parts of the car.

Pay attention to the oil filter to be sure it is cleaned and replaced as when due. After a while of using the oil filter, dirt and dust are likely to accumulate in it, which can affect the quality of oil that goes into your car or motorbike. By paying attention to these two, you can keep both your car and motorbike in the best working condition at all times.

·         Pay attention to the tyres to be sure they are in good condition

Another thing you should know about routine maintenance for cars and motorbikes is the tyre. Imagine you traveling or driving for a long distance and then your tyre pulls out in the process. Not only will your car or motorbike get damaged, you can also suffer serious injuries in the process. After a while of use, tyres are susceptible to wear and tear. Depending on the brand of tyres you are using, you may need to run a routine maintenance on it, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

·         Inspect the fluids and be sure everything is intact

There are several fluids in your car and motorbikes that need to be attended to on a routine maintenance. The brake fluids and the transmission fluids are just some of the many that exist. To keep your car and motorbike in the best condition at all times, you have to check these fluids every time. You don’t have to wait till a fault is detected before you change the fluids. Check regularly and change immediately as it is better and less costly to prevent damage, than it is to correct one.

·         Pay attention to the brakes

If you are conversant with cars and motorbikes, then you must have heard people talk about brake failure. Brake failure can cause you to lose your car and motorbike and also lose your life in the process. Cars and motorbikes are machines and as such, they can fail at any time. To ensure you are safe at all times when riding your car or motorbike, you need to pay attention to the brakes. Have a car technician check it every month, two months, or three months depending on the type of car you are using.

Every part of your car or motorbike needs to be maintained if you want to keep it working, and keep you safe. What this means for you as a car or motorbike owner is that you have to subscribe to adequate maintenance. While there are several maintenance routines that you will have to keep up with it, we have discussed some of the basic ones above. They include paying attention to the brake, oil, and oil filters. It also includes you adhering to the maintenance instruction provided in the owner’s manual and making sure that the tyres are regularly checked.

By Kelli