Devel Sixteen Revealed in Production Form But Only Packs a V8


Almost ten a long time ago the Devel Sixteen burst onto the scene with some outrageous claims about packing 5,000 hp from a V16 engine.

Fast forward to nowadays and the initially output model of the vehicle is true and Supercar Blondie has the opportunity to test it out. This individual car or truck is at present undergoing final tuning but there is one seriously stand-out trouble for us, it only has 8 cylinders. Guess that makes it the Devel 8, then?

Just before anyone starts crying foul, the long run operator of this car did not want a V16 motor and so a potent V8 was fitted instead. A several many years in the past rumours were swirling that Drake was the to start with proprietor so it will be attention-grabbing to see where it finishes up.

As expected, it does not pack the 5,000 horses promised all those people decades back but it will be capable of a whopping 2,000 hp many thanks to a tailor made-built twin-turbocharged V8. We do not have any information on the engine, but we’ll acknowledge it seems really balanced. It is also apparently nevertheless in the tuning procedure, so it appears to be that the 2,000 hp benchmark hasn’t been met nonetheless. This first product with the V8 is targeting a leading pace of 249 mph (400 km/h) so even with half the cylinders, it’s not slow by any means.

The second creation automobile will reportedly pack the aforementioned V16 but it will supply a little something in the region of 3,000 hp (2,237 kW), which is nevertheless an absurd amount for a street automobile.


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By Kelli