Florida Man Under The Influence Drives Mustang Up A Power Pole


The Tallahassee Law enforcement Department not long ago posted a movie demonstrating what comes about when a Ford Mustang driver and intoxication incorporate.

Posted on their social medial channels on May 16, the Tallahassee PD stories that this was just one of four DUIs they attended to that weekend and that there was, thankfully, no a person damage in this accident that observed a blue Mustang climb a power pole.

Not able to back again down, the driver staggers out of the automobile in a next movie posted to Reddit (down below). Angles provided by the law enforcement section demonstrate why the driver could not get back again down, as the Mustang came to a rest with none of its wheels basically touching the floor.

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Online video Tallahassee PD

The driver is truly fairly fortuitous due to the fact the angle of the incident implies that he was driving straight in the direction of the pole. Hitting the man wire seems to have taken significantly of the vitality out of the vehicle, which would have normally been directed at the wood pole. That could have manufactured for a considerably uglier head-on collision.

We think about the nearby citizens are pleased, as well, since that incident could have effortlessly taken the pole down major to a incredibly perilous situation for all concerned.

As it stands, the Mustang appears to be to have taken the brunt of the implications for its driver’s undesirable choices and the sound of it coming down and falling back on to the ground is rather unpleasant in its possess right.

The Tallahassee PD mentioned that “While we are thankful that anyone concerned in this weekend’s incidents walked absent unscathed, it is never alright to travel under the affect. Not only could you be showcased on our social media like this male, you could get arrested, bodily damage oneself or other people, or end someone’s life (like your personal). Oh, and you could also finish up wrecking your shiny new Mustang.”

As for the driver’s reaction? “Yeah, it sucks.”


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