Cars are one of the most advanced innovations of technology the world has seen so far. However, to function correctly for a long time, it would require maintenance, which are to be carried out regularly.

With the everyday advancement in the production of cars, the number of times a car should visit the mechanic depends on the model and brand of the vehicle. On, you’ll find reviews on different  online car services from their past customers, you will also find several helpful information on car services, maintenance and a lot more, which would come in handy in taking care of your car.

Regardless of what you may have been told, the truth remains that, some parts of the cars should be checked more often than the others.

A lot of things can go wrong if your car isn’t maintained and cared for as it should. For instance;

1.      Not changing the oil can cause the passageway to get blocked with carbon deposits, thereby increasing the damage to internal components.

2.      When the brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, this reduces the brake system performance, and thus, the brake fluid should be checked regularly.

Although there are different types of car maintenance services that you can get for your car, the most important ones include:

Regular Maintenance: Only the engine oil and filter needs replacing.

Full Service: Every 12 months or 12,000 miles. The full service involves the brakes, battery, engine oil, tyres, and more.

Manufacturer Service: This is according to the service schedule in your car manual.

So, how often should your car be checked?

How often your car needs to be serviced is dependent on a number of reasons. As a general rule, these are some of the reasons and signals to indicate when your car should be serviced.

1.      Maintenance Reminder

There’s a standard rule that your car should be in the Auto Mechanic shop every six months or every 10,000km. Also, some manufacturers recommend maintenance routine booklets in every new vehicle. Modern cars require longer service intervals like 12months or 15,000km because they have more complicated engines and now have a dashboard message to let the owner know of any issues with the tyre pressure, engine, and braking system. However, it is necessary to have an oil change service every 12 months, even if the vehicle maintenance reminder hasn’t come up yet.

2.      Mileage-Based Service

The mileage-based service is usually suggested for cars driven in normal conditions and those operated in severe conditions. It is necessary to visit the auto mechanic shop every 3 months or every 2.5-3000miles. Under normal conditions, the mileage-based service should be every six months.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Car

There are several benefits that come with maintaining your car. They include:

Safety: Your safety is the main reason you are maintaining the vehicle, to begin with. Driving a car in an unsafe driving condition could result in accidents.

Better Fuel Performance: Regularly checking your car engine performance will make your rides smoother and quiet, and this will mean better fuel performance.

Keeps Car Value High: Just in case you plan on selling your car later on. Maintaining your car will not only boost its value but also earn you more money than you spent maintaining it.

It is time and money consuming maintaining a vehicle, but it’ll save you a lot of expenses in the long run, and ensure your overall safety.

By Kelli