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Redbeard’s Roadster Reliability Run

It’s Saturday evening at 9pm, and I’m dancing with my family at a wedding reception in San Luis Obispo, figuring out in the back of my brain that a tiring four hour-drive dwelling awaits me that night time. It definitely would not be an concern on any other Saturday, but I also know I’m acquiring up at 4:30am the upcoming early morning to experience shotgun in my buddy’s Mike’s ’31 roadster for 1 of best Nor Cal warm rod happenings you can image, and I do *not* want to overlook it, no issue how fatigued I am.

Redbeard (aka Dave) has been hosting this operate for around 15 a long time, 1st conceived as a Sunday driving occasion to Saturday’s Sizzling Rod Revolution, again in its Penngrove Park times. Why this unique roadster run procedures can be discovered in a few vital ingredients: 1. Each car there is a definitely classic scorching rod: No SBC, no fiberglass or disc brakes- 100% period right pre-’37 roadsters only. 2. Every single entrant is personally invited by Redbeard, so moi-maniacs, Fonzies, and drama queens are not in attendance Just laidback people who comprehend how to have entertaining. 3. The operate is 150 miles in areas of Northern California close to the Mendocino Forest and along the coastline of Freeway 1. The views are unquestionably fall-useless magnificent, just breathtaking, and the roadways are best.

This year’s operate began with 21 roadsters, but finished with a few a lot less. We experienced two automobiles with partial brake failures (1 front, 1 back), overheating flatheads, and a flat entrance tire from a failed tube that lead to a several hours of roadside repairs. As the wounded autos trundled back down the coastline, Mike stated it most effective: “We went out in the morning, roaring like a pack of P51 Mustangs on a mission. Now we’re limping again more than the water, eyeing the horizon for our foundation to securely land.

Even with a few hrs of snooze, all that driving, all individuals repairs, Redbeard’s Run was an complete blast from commencing to stop.


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By Kelli