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Roadside crashes happen all the time all over the world. While you may consider yourself a great driver, that doesn’t necessarily protect you from others out there who think they are great drivers, but really aren’t. If you want to further protect yourself, your family, or any other passenger in your motor vehicle, getting a reliable dash cam is a must. While it’s certainly not an end-all-be-all preventative measure, it can reduce the risk of collision substantially. If your car doesn’t already have a built-in version, picking up your own could prove to be a shrewd investment. It’s not the same as adding a car phone mount, but that’s just for your phone in your car.

Utilizing features like the parking monitor, motion detection, video recording, and more can help you in many situations. There are a number of dashboard cameras available on the web, so choosing one isn’t always so cut-and-dry. Finding ways to figure out which one is best takes time. But we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the best dash cams for your car.

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Just the camera

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Best Dash Cam/GPS Combo: Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Image source: Rove/Amazon

Pros: Records video up to 2160p resolution, works with Google Maps

Cons: GPS feature is always on

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone and purchase a dash cam and GPS combination, the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam is your best bet. Featuring 4K Ultra HD recording, the Rove R2-4K dash camera has the ability to record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. This is the best combo because the built-in GPS records your driving location and speed, and you can even later visit your tracking numbers on Google Maps or Rove’s car DV player. The dash cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi and a compatible app that allows you to download and re-watch your recorded videos.

The camera also has a number of other high-tech features like parking mode, super night vision, motion detection, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, and emergency video lock, amongst others. You can share your recorded videos on social media. This is a small yet powerful machine. It even has an air ventilator for stronger and longer use.

Best Dual Picture Dash Cams: Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

VANTRUE N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam Image source: VANTRUE/Amazon

Pros: 24-hour parking mode, advanced sensors

Cons: Doesn’t support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Looking for the dual picture best dash cams that will display the inside and o
utside of your vehicle simultaneously? Look no further than the Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam. This camera is particularly useful for Uber or Lyft drivers who want to keep an eye on their passengers or parents with kids in the backseat. The advanced Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor works as the inside car camera while the OV4689 sensor serves as the front car camera, allowing you to observe the back seat and the front exterior with ease. The rear camera comes with a 20-foot extension cable, making it great for SUVs, trucks, and larger vehicles.

It delivers 4K and 1080P front and rear pictures with dual recording modes. The dash cam also utilizes a powerful Sony IMX323 sensor, four IR LED lights, and f/1.4 and 1.8 aperture to provide crystal clear night vision. And with a 24-hour parking mode and auto LCD OFF and audio, this intuitive camera serves as a great all-around choice for any type of driver. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth though, so you’ll have to upload your videos the old-fashioned way. There are multiple sales promotions on this at this time too.

Best Value: CHORTAU Dash Cam for Cars

CHORTAU Dash Cams for Cars Image source: CHORTAU/Amazon

Pros: Wide 170° angle, easy installation

Cons: Records in large files and takes up memory fast

For those looking for a reliable option without all the bells and whistles of some of the other upscale models, the CHORTAU Dash Cam for Cars is a great choice. This is affordable and has plenty of great features. It simultaneously records in 1080p, allowing it to record license plates for the best footage. This provides loop recording to overwrite the oldest footage with new content. It features a built-in adjustable sensitivity gravity sensor to detect a collision.

You’ll know where you parked, as this has a parking monitor feature. It takes no time to clamp in the provided holder and install it. In order to start it up, you have to plug it in and insert the SD card. The camera can be swiveled 360° and covers a wide 170° angle. For the money, this is a solid pick. This takes up memory fast. But it also has an even lower discount if you hurry.

Best smart dash cam: Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Small and Go Pack

What the Nextbase looks like

What the Nextbase looks like

Pros: Works with Amazon Alexa, dash cam will automatically dial emergency services in case of an accident

Cons: No rear camera included

Giving you a ton of viewing options, the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Small and Go Pack is a great option. Moving forward with the smart device movement, this allows you to control it with Amazon Alexa voice controls. It is the first 1440p Dash Cam series with Alexa built-in. This also has a touchscreen built-in, as you can choose between 1080p/60fps and 1440p/30fps front recording. The 140-degree wide angle gives you extended views of the road.

You’ll be covered if an accident occurs, as the dash cam will alert emergency services and mark where the accident happened. It is wireless and connects to the mount via magnet. Intelligent parking mode records where your car is parked. It is compatible with a rear cam and a polarizing filter, neither of which are included. The night vision and image quality are both top-notch.

Least obstructive: Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem Image source: Garmin/Amazon

Pros: Gives you the storage you need, multiple language settings

Cons: Camera heats up and some customers have complained about audio

Many dash cams require you to buy your own SD card for memory storage. But with this bundle for the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, you’ll also receive a microSD card. This is a dual-lens camera that features two 180-degree lenses that record in
tandem. This will give you complete coverage of your vehicle. The front-facing lens records in super HD 1440p for crisp footage. The interior lens features exclusive NightGlo technology to see passengers and activity in any light. It is tiny and won’t take up a lot of space.

You can use voice commands in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Swedish to control the cameras. The built-in GPS shows when and where events occurred. This will help if you happen to be in an incident and can retrace your steps. The incident detection software also saves video before and after the accident automatically. You can watch all of the videos through the Garmin app. However, the audio isn’t the best.

Wondering what dash cam cops use?

There are ones that are specifically built for use by law enforcement. Dash HD Hound is one of those options.

Trying to decide if the cost is worth it for a dash cam?

It all depends on how you’ll use it. If you want to record what’s going on around you at all times, then yes it would make sense. If you aren’t going to use it for that but want an extra eye outside while you’re driving, it may make sense for a cheaper one. But the features can vary, so finding one for your purposes isn’t too difficult.

Something to note

Your dash cam footage can be used against you in a court of law. Courts have begun using dash cam footage to either corroborate or refute injury claims.

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