What you see – Home Town is housed in a not so imposing four-storied building (five if you count the one underground). Well, not so imposing simply because it is right next to the really impressive Central. A bright red racing car to you right will take up your attention as soon as you enter Home Town. Move closer and you’ll see it is a bed for children! Snazzy isn’t it?

What you get – Each of the four floors caters to a different section of your home. The ground floor has living rooms on exhibition, home decor and services. The first floor caters to dining exhibition, kid’s room, bedroom and home furnishings. The second floor exhibits your kitchen services. It also has books, music and gifts there. On the third floor are your bathrooms. There’s there plumbing service called Mr. Plumber there too. The fourth floor has basically more of the lighting equipment and Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Painter and Mr. Electrician.

Now back to the ground floor. Here they have different themes (around 20) such as Mustard Harvest, Florida Beach etc. Each theme has its own flooring, carpets, sofas, center tables and lighting. They have a section named Casablanca where most of the things here have a feel of the sea. The sofas are shiny blue with sea-weed like design all over them. A (3+2+ a revolving chair) sofa comes up to Rs. 89,000. A garnet center table would cost Rs. 7,700.

The Bali Bang which is more of designer cane furniture is good for those with open living rooms or is ideal for a sit-out. You can get this for Rs. 98,000. You can get a 2 seater, 1 seater and a center table for this price. But the catch here is the mermaid chair for Rs. 23,000. Shaped almost like one, it is ultimate when you want to relax.

On the same floor they have many decorative items too such as paintings, lamp shades, pots etc. A long metallic candle holder with glass in between is priced at Rs. 645. They have Moroccan lanterns too for Rs. 845. The ceramic collection here is vast. You will get vases in different shapes and sizes.

You can escalate your way to the first floor. A few of the bedroom designs have canopies and that is likely to pull the hearts of a few romantic ones. For city life, they have a theme aptly named Cube. You’ll get the bedroom set for Rs. 52,200. Well, those who would want to go for the grander look, they also a have a Napoleon themed bedroom set in all red and golden. But, be ready to pay Rs. 1,87,500 for it.

The dining table section may pale in comparison. They are mostly four-seater and six-seater. An interesting one here is Saxon for Rs. 49,999. It is a six-seater and is in black and silver with a 12mm glass top. Ideal for an urban home.

The kids’ section is far more interesting as they have those racing car beds, Barbie beds and colorful bunk beds. They have a huge kid’s play pool for Rs. 24,997. The smashing red colored racing car comes to Rs. 12,999. Most of the bunk beds on exhibition also have storage space so children should love it. Take a look at the pencil shaped clothes hanger here. On this floor itself they have sofa and curtain fabrics and a tailor too.

The kitchens on second floor are the modular ones and begin at Rs. 1,58,400. People from Home Town will come over to your place and take the necessary measurements and then fit it accordingly. Here you will also find different kitchen accessories such as the sandwich maker for Rs. 1,310, a electric rice cooker and also cane bread basket that is quilted and washable for Rs. 150. For those with a garden a wind swing with canopy will be just right.

The bathroom range includes Jacuzzis, tubs, bathroom fittings etc. They have a corner double-seater whirlpool bath for Rs. 75,000. This comes equipped for FM too. They have separate shower panels too. It comes with a top shower sprout, 6-nozzle massage, change once switch, hot-cold water control and a glass tray. This is not all they have a range of different kinds of wash-basins and closets too.

Walk around are you are definite to find kitchen accessories, ironing tables, pans, vessels. You can get those bar chairs too apart from a magazine rack in wrought iron and wicker polymer.

Go underground and you will find their electronic showroom. You can get items from a Sony pen drive to a plasma TV, Vaio laptops, HP printers and cameras.

The verdict – It is a must-visit for those setting up a home, at least for the variety. You will be spoiled for choice though the pricing of some could be on the higher side. The staff is helpful and does help you get around. They have a section called Future Money, where they let you pay in EMIs without interest. They take a 2% processing fee. They also offer warranty on certain products and have a call center to assist you in booking a service. Parking space is available.

By Kelli

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