Steampunk MX-5 Is A V8-powered One-off [video]


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We are large admirers of the Mazda MX-5 below at Double Apex. We have our personal MX-5 track car or truck, which you can read through about here. And you can see many articles exactly where we have protected the minimal Japanese roadster in lots of distinct types. Having said that, we can guarantee you that this steampunk MX-5 is the most exclusive of them all.

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A single-off

Fabricator Tommy Reichenderfer designed the steampunk MX-5. He has taken a to start with-gen MX-5, or Miata, as it is known in the US and made a thing actually one of a kind. Almost everything you see was established by Reichenderfer in his fabrication shop. His enjoy of British roadsters brought him to the Miata as he is a fan of tiny, light-weight and analogue cars.

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Exceptional visual appearance

The visual appeal of the steampunk MX-5 is what will catch one’s eye 1st. The enormous wing, tailor made front-end and exposed engine are the most important talking factors. There are other, smaller sized products that are not as clear. Between these are the clear sections of the rocker addresses that allow you to see the motor at do the job. There is a equivalent clear portion in the floor of the boot that lets you see the rear drivetrain and suspension at do the job.

V8 electric power

Engine swaps in MX-5s are not unheard of, as you can see from this V10 run swap. Or this vehicle with a Hellcat V8. The steampunk MX-5 works by using a carb-fed Ford V8. The pushrod motor displaces 5,4 litres which outcomes in peak energy of 350 kW with 623 N.m of torque. 

Look at Rob Dahm understand about the ins and outs of this one of a kind development from its owner in the online video beneath.


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