Took iX50 Delivery! Some early owner impressions & takeaways!


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Can you share the options you selected on your IX? Just curious if the inside feeling less expensive is even with all the crystal choices and their upgraded leather or not? Is it you listen to additional creaking? Is it just all the low-priced plastics bits at the base? I at present possess an x5 M50i that fundamentally had each possibility clicked but ventilated seats and B&W and also purchased a Tesla Product Y Performance in Feb.

Although the Y has really been a fantastic motor vehicle for my every day commutes and the inside is functional plenty of I do pass up the luxury of the X5 with the Napa leather-based (whichever was the optimum end one), the ambient lights, skylounge roof. Every little thing just felt tremendous good within. But my most significant beef w/ the design Y is the absence of rear axel steering, considerably punishing suspension, and lack of heads up display screen.

So presently have an 2022 IX on order that fundamentally has everything clicked other than the 22” wheels (took all period 21”) and ventilated seats. Took a exam push of the IX a couple of months in the past and loved how tranquil it was relative to the Model Y, HUD appeared awesome, and the air suspension and rear axel steering produced it truly feel additional nimble than the Y (even if it isn’t – really don’t know for confident). But the tester was reduced spec’ed with the sensatec and no luxury offer. So hoping that those people alternatives get it 90% the way of the completely optioned X5.

Also how are you feeling about the cup holders. Seems like a critical pass up but really hard to say with out attempting it in normal usage.


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