Tremec TR6060 Transmission Common Problems, & Upgrades


By DCB Editorial, May possibly 20, 2022

The Tremec TR6060 transmission is the standard transmission in numerous Dodge and General Motors-manufactured motor vehicles, which includes the Chevy Corvette, Dodge Challenger, and a lot more. You will even locate this transmission in some Ford vehicles like the Mustang or Shelby. A lot of automobile entrepreneurs love their Tremec TR6060 transmissions because of their superior general performance and excessive energy, as very well as dependability. This 6-pace handbook transmission has an abundance of torque that will allow race autos to go rapidly and change seamlessly. Here is an overview of the Tremec TR6060 Transmission, together with its specs, popular difficulties that you may well knowledge, and far more

Tremec TR6060 transmission specs

Sort of transmission: Six-speed handbook twin overdrive transmission with rear-wheel generate

Optimum complete car excess weight: 5,291 lb (2,400 kg) 

Circumstance content: Die-cast aluminum alloy

Middle distance: 85 mm

Complete duration: 813 mm

Housing for clutch: Built-in

Variety of synchronizer: Double/ triple cone made of hybrid and sintered bronze grinding material

Sort of lubricant: Dexron III ATF

Approximate lubricant quantity: 3.45 l (7.29 pt)

Fat of transmission: 146.2 lb (66.3 kg) 

Electricity choose-off: No

Frequent difficulties with the Tremec TR6060 Transmission

As with any automobile section or transmission, the Tremec TR6060 has its fair share of problems. One dilemma that this transmission commonly ordeals is grinding when in 1st and 2nd gears, which typically finishes in full failure of the 2nd equipment. Another frequent dilemma with the Tremec TR6060 is with the clutch, as the clutch has the inclination to are unsuccessful prematurely thanks to serious use as a final result of the extreme speeds that autos made up of this unique transmission go. Premature failure of the bearings is still a different trouble that the TR6060 commonly experiences. Once more, this is due to the hardcore handling of motor vehicles that have this transmission.

Some handy Tremec TR6060 transmission upgrades

If you are thinking of building updates to the Tremec TR6060 Transmission, then you can not only stay away from some of the widespread problems with this transmission, but you can actually beef it up so that the gears shift like butter. When driving just one of the quick cars and trucks that this transmission comes in, it’s essential to have a reliable transmission that will not miss gears and generate in a rough way. Below are some advisable updates to make if you genuinely want to make your vehicle a beast:

Synchronizer ringssynchronizer rings operate in sync with the gears and assistance to make friction, which encourages torque. The enamel on synchronizer rings can endure a excellent offer of put on and tear in this specific transmission because of to hardcore driving, and when the enamel are worn, the gears are not able to perform optimally and may even fail entirely. By upgrading your synchronizer rings, you will change your OE rings with major-responsibility sections that are in a position to endure hardcore dealing with, enabling your synchronizer rings to final considerably for a longer period.

Bearings – bearings are required to lower the friction in the transferring pieces of your transmission. By upgrading to hydraulic bearings, you will enjoy in general advancements in clutch functionality, decreased pedal effort, and far more. All these advancements will improve the over-all longevity of your transmission. 

Seals – seals can fall short swiftly on a high-efficiency transmission like the Tremec TR6060, and if items go south with your seals, then you will recognize leaking transmission fluid, issues shifting, and lots of other challenges. By upgrading to super major-obligation seals, you can increase the everyday living of your entire transmission.

The Tremec TR6060 is a superior-efficiency transmission that is well known in numerous sports automobiles that some drivers even use for racing. Even so, since these transmissions are frequently pushed to the limit, selected OE parts have the tendency to fall short faster than envisioned. Thankfully, homeowners that have Tremec TR6060 transmissions in their motor vehicles can make some uncomplicated updates that will enhance the efficiency and maximize the longevity of essential pieces. This will empower them to delight in their motor vehicles for considerably lengthier, devoid of worrying about creating recurrent repairs or even having to exchange the whole transmission owing to untimely failure.

Tremec TR6060 Transmission


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